Virtual Presence and Technology

Virtual Presence and Technology
March 6, 2017 Euphoria

With the shift of technology in past few decades, a lot of things also evolved dramatically. From our living style to our communications everything has changed. Now life is very fast, everyone is super busy, and no one has time. Let’s suppose you are in Pakistan and you have to deliver a speech to few people in the USA and then next day you have another meeting in Pakistan. It is practically impossible for you to manage all this but thanks to technology you have a lot of other ways to solve this problem like Telephone, Video conference and may be the virtual presence.


Following these trends around the world, we try to bring innovation regarding the presence of a person.  It was Telenor 4G launch in Faisalabad and CEO of Telenor Irfan Wahab was busy in another meeting and can’t come to Stage to have some words with the audience. To solve this problem euphoria suggested a digital solution of virtual presence on stage using Green screen technology.


For those who don’t know what the green screen is. Green screen is the simple background of green color we record different scenes with all green background. And in post-production, we remove that green color and add what background we want. The green color is easy to remove from the background. All the science fiction and unrealistic scene in movies are recorded using green screen and effects are added in post-production.

Using green screen technology euphoria tried a method for virtual presence. We recorded CEO of Telenor on green screen and then embedded that recorded video into live stream from video of the stage.  So it was giving a view on the screen that host of the show is talking to him and he is giving a speech in Faisalabad. But in reality, everything was just an illusion.

It was just a teaser we can change the dynamics of presence using latest technologies like Green screen and augmented reality or may be 3D projection.